Tulipanomania 2023

Tulipanomania 2023


Tulipanomania 2023: the traditional tulip event at Sigurtà Park has returned.

Over a million flowering tulips, along with hyacinths, muscari, and daffodils, welcome visitors to Sigurtà Park. The beautiful blooms are showcased in flowerbeds framed by the grandiose centuries-old trees of the park, which has been completely renovated for the 2023 edition of Tulipanomania

More than 300 varieties of flowers from the tulip family are present in the park, all blooming between the end of March and the first days of May, resulting in an unparalleled display of colors. It is truly magical to walk among the tulips and daffodils. Here you can admire the prestigious Sigurtà daffodil, as well as discover the original Ice Cream Banana and Ice Cream Strawberry tulips, recognized by the colors indicated in their names. Don't forget to photograph the star of this year's display, the "Tulipa". With its unusual shape and impressive height of 40 – 45 centimeters, it easily stands out among all the other flowers. 

It takes at least a day to enjoy the beauty of the park's full 60 hectares in bloom, but these are our favorite strategic points to admire the extraordinary flowers:

•    Viale delle Aiuole Fiorite with over 100 tulip flowerbeds;
•    Giardini Acquatici (Water Gardens) and Laghetti Fioriti (Flowering Lakes), with floating flowerbeds that spin full displays of flowers;
•    The panoramic walk with delectable wooden flower boxes along the balcony;
•    The flowerbeds of Grande Tappeto Erboso;
•    The flowerbeds of Viale delle Rose;
•    Near the monument dedicated to Carlo Sigurtà, founder of the park.

A day among the flowers of Tulipanomania is a unique experience. Our guests always return with happy smiles and tell us how the Parco Giardino Sigurtà gave them a feeling of well-being and serenity.

Hotel Smeraldo is only a half-hour drive from the park, and entrance tickets can be purchased directly from us at the hotel.

For those who prefer public transport, Lazise has a shuttle bus that connects Lake Garda to the Sigurtà Garden.

Keep in mind that the flowering period ends in early May, so the time to visit Tulipanomania 2023 is now!