Hotel for Celiac in Lazise on Lake Garda

Since 2011, Hotel Smeraldo has decided to make the life of those who suffer from food intolerance to gluten, commonly known as celiac disease, a bit easier and therefore to propose a gluten-free holiday on the Garda Lake, without worries for those who are affected. Hotel for Celiac in Lazise on Lake Garda

For this reason we have introduced in the breakfast at the hotel some products without gluten for celiac. The breakfast buffet that we usually offer therefore includes, in addition to certain foods in itself already suitable for celiac, specific certified gluten-free products.

All you have to do then is tell us upon arrival or, even better, at the time of booking, your diet requirements. We will be happy to satisfy you, and we are always open to any possible advice and suggestions on your part to improve our breakfast choice.

Hotel Smeraldo, three star hotel with swimming pool, is pleased to welcome in Lazise all guests with food intolerances, and offer a wonderful and relaxing holiday on the Garda Lake for celiac.

We are warmly waiting for you!

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